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Working at home – some tips

Working from home has become a common practice for many of us since the Covid-19 pandemic began. While it offers the advantage of fewer distractions and no commuting, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Here are five tips to help you maximize your productivity while working from home:

1. Stick to a Routine

Maintain a routine similar to when you were working in an office. If you used to meet colleagues for a coffee break, continue doing so virtually through video calls. This consistency helps maintain a sense of normalcy.

2. Manage Your Diary

Use your calendar not only for meetings but also to allocate time for tasks. Schedule specific blocks of time for focused work, just as you would during office hours. This helps you stay on track and avoids overworking.

3. Embrace Household Tasks

Don’t feel guilty about tending to household chores during work hours. These quick breaks can be refreshing and equivalent to the social interactions you’d have at the office. Just as you’d chat with a colleague, a few minutes spent on chores won’t hinder your productivity.

4. Stay Connected with Your Team

Regular communication is crucial for remote teams. Make an effort to have voice calls with your team members daily. This keeps everyone connected, maintains team dynamics, and prevents isolation.

5. Create a Clear End-of-Day Routine

When the workday ends, shut down your workspace. Just as you would tidy up your desk in the office, clear your home workspace. This physical act helps signal the end of work, allowing you to mentally switch off.

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